Wednesday, January 19, 2005

super kaimochi party

Last night I took the train out to my old digs in western Saitama to a dinner party at my former co-chef Yoshiko's house. I was asked to make kaimochi (sobagaki for all of you who grew up in the Tokyo area), which are basically dumplings of unbelievably soft soba (buckwheat) flour. I made these every day during my two month apprenticeship in Yamagata, but never actually got any pictures until last night, when a photographer friend snapped these on someone's digital. Yoshiko made a gorgeous tempura of local greens and we washed it all down with a bottle of nigori (cloudy unfiltered) sake. Also,please dig my haircut.


Mark said...


Ambling around the ol' interweb, I found your blog. I've really enjoyed reading it. I've added your RSS feed to my viewer, so I can keep up to date!

Jamie said...

Glad you like it Mark, thanks for reading! I'm kinda writing for a general audience, not just friends and family, so feel free to mention it to people you know, I love having readers!

Mark said...

Shall do!

It's interesting to read about Japan from your point of view - it's certainly very different to how I've seen it represented before. (I'll make another comment along these lines on your latest post...)

I'm going to America for a semester in August, so I've set up a blog for that:

Obviously, the culture shock between US/UK isn;t going to be as big as US/JP, but I'm hoping to write about my experiences in a similar way to you.