Saturday, August 26, 2006


Okay, yeah, that took me entirely too long. The thing stretched out to twenty-seven single spaced pages in Microsoft Word, and for what? A few notes on a vacation? A million times during the whole thing I wondered: "the longest single blog entry to date, and it's just an account of a five day trip, without much of an purpose

This was basically me taking a crack at travel writing, trying myself against Alan Booth's "The Roads to Sata" and Will Ferguson's "Hokkaido Highway Blues", which are two of my favorite books, not just about modern Japan, but about life and loneliness. It was me tackling that whole form of travel writing, the little figure wandering through huge landscapes, hoping a pattern or something will fall out of it. I can't hold it up against any serious writing, but when I look at the stuff I wrote last year I can't help but think it was better than that stuff.

The whole thing could definitely use some editing and I should probably prune it down, but the idea was to just get in finished. So there it is, about three months after the fact, still pockmarked with weird grammar and typos. I'll try to be more brief from here on out.
Promise. Thanks for sticking through this.



Sukey said...

It was worth the wait!!! No apologies needed. Just an occasional, "still in progress, hang in there" note lets us know you're ok. Don't change a thing in Golden Week other than typos! And get it published somewhere -- perhaps along with the best of your others. Thanks for the adventure.

tommm said...

ah, but being brief would give me less to read ;) honestly, i enjoy how you seem to go on and on at times. you have talent, and always seem to have interesting stories. definitely one of my favorite blogs to read when i get the time.