Thursday, February 17, 2005


Ughh... whoa. What was that all about. I sit down last night after dinner to write a little something about my ambiguous relationship with television, and it turns into this massive sprawling multi-linked monster of a post. I was 100% sober, but it's like I was possessed. I wake up this morning and the thought popped open as soon as my eyes did: "What the hell? Television?!" That does it. No TV in the new place fer sure. I'm resolved. From now on this blog will just be a running commentary of my reading of Moby Dick.

My friend Seth has "invented" a new word (or at least created a word unaware that it already existed). While mostly meant to refer to a massive blog makeover, I prefer his meaning of the feelings of regret the day after a blog post for the word blogover.

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Anonymous said...

Whew! You had me worried for a bit.