Monday, December 20, 2004

Ex pats!

To tell you the truth, this blog was prompted by a suggestion from my friend Alex who is currently living Brazil. He and his friend Madeline living in Turkey were both blogging, so if I made one up we could have ourselves a little ex-pat blog network. If there are any other American ex pats out there blogging we'll link you up. Membership is extremely exclusive. So check out their sites to get the real deal on the generation that fled the Bush administration. Well, can't speak for Alex and Madeline, but I don't really want to live in a country with that monkey as President. Even if he is party hack and a lying bastard, I'll take Prime Minister Koizumi's wavy movie star hair and steely bureaucrat eyes over W's folksy bullshit anyday.

So check out our sites to get the real deal on our glamorous lives as ex-patriots as we sip absinthe, discuss literature, and go to bullfights.

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jim said...

What, like my blog in Thailand isn't cool enough for you? Well, Cambria and I may not be permanent expats, but we have nice pictures up at
Y'wanna meet up in Shanghai next month? It's just a hop over the pond...